Red Dead Redemption (0/10) Comment:No thanks

GtaV (8/10) Comment: God game ruined by toxic

Devision (8/10) Comment: Ok game need to grind at max level.

Minecraft Bedrock (5/10) Comment: Java better tho

Minecraft Java (10/10) Comment: God game

Division 2 (0/10) Comment: So bad cos no snow

Monaco whats yours is mine (300/10) Comment: Like jusus came down a second time in tho form of a game. Psst(for Casino de monaco use cleaner mole locksmith and hacker.)

Halo 5 (5/10) Comment: Future theme so not good. Not played so bully if u want.

Block Ops 4 (-2/10) Comment: Waste of money and hard disk space.

Fortnite (Just dont play/10) Comment: Ninja plays so really bad.